Job - Town Clerk

Town of Bridport

  Town Clerk Position

The Town is accepting applications from applicants for the position of Town Clerk for the term of one year to commence in March of 2019.

Job requirements include, but are not limited to:  The Town Office shall be open to the public twenty-four hours weekly. The position involves having to work at elections and taking minutes at Selectboard meetings. In addition to demonstrating the highest ethical standards and attention to detail, applicant must demonstrate excellent writing and computer skills.

The scope of duties will be established by the Selectboard and will include but not be limited to:  All statutory requirements of the Town Clerk. Establish and maintain good community relations by answering questions and assisting Town residents and others seeking access to information in a friendly and collaborative manner. Preparation and posting of meeting notices for and assisting the Selectboard and other Town Boards, Commissions and Town Officers in completion of their duties. Read and utilize communications from Vermont League of Cities & Towns and Vermont Secretary of State’s Office. Needs to be a Notary Public while serving. Be willing to ask for help and seek additional training.

Each sealed application, including resume part thereof, must be received either by mail or be hand delivered by February 25, 2019 to:  Joan Huestis, Selectboard Chair at 3566 Basin Harbor Road  Bridport, VT 05734. Applications delivered after such date will not be considered.  For more information, email Joan Huestis at For the information in this notice and possible other information go to the Town’s website at  

The Selectboard reserves the right to reject all applicants.

Joan Huestis, Selectboard Chair, dated February 4, 2019

Notice of Availablity of 2018 Town Report

Notice of Availability

Click Here for view of postcard mailed.

The 2018 Bridport Town Report will be available for review and download at the Bridport town website ( on or before February 22, 2019. In addition, a limited number of printed copies of the report will be available at the same time. For any town resident who desires a printed copy of the report, we ask that he or she call the Town Office (758-2483) or send an email ( to make such a request.


The Auditors: Bob Coffey, JoAnne Kenyon, Barbara Stratton

Bridport Community Suppers

Every Friday from November 30th on until the Spring, there is a Community Supper at the Bridport Grange on VT Route 22A next door to the Post Office.  The supper is sponsored by various organizations and is a great way to get to know other folks in town.  No charge but Donations are Happily accepted.

Memory Tree

This holiday season you can remember your loved ones by placing a light on our town Memory Tree. Donations are $1.00 per name. List your names on a piece of paper and bring to the Town Clerk along with your payment. Please make checks payable to the:

Bridport Fire Department

P.O. Box 27

Bridport VT 05734

Donations will be accepted until Christmas.

Election Results - NOV 6, 2018

588 of 899 registered voters of Bridport cast their ballots on Tuesday 11/6/2018. 65% turn-out!

These are only the Bridport results…

US Senator:

Bernie Sanders -307 votes

Lawrence Zupan - 230 votes

US Congress:

Anya Tynio - 200 votes

Peter Welch - 331 votes


Christine Hallquist - 139

Phil Scott - 429

Lieutenant Governor:

Don Turner-327

David Zuckerman-247

State Treasurer:

Richard Morton-270

Beth Pearce-291

Secretary of State:

Jim Condos-313

H Brooke Paige - 233

Auditor of Accounts:

Doug Hoffer- 257

Richard Kenyon-270

Attorney General:

TJ Donovan - 344

Janssen Willhoit- 206

State Senator:

Marie Audet - 307

Christopher Bray - 175

Peter Briggs - 218

Archie Flower - 19

Ruth Hardy - 165

Paul Ralston - 147

State Representative:

Harvey Smith - 456

Probate Judge:

Eleanor Smith - 479

Assistant Judge:

Alice George - 288

Jacqueline McLean - 181

Patty Ross - 227

Doug Tolles - 211

State’s Attorney:

Peter Bevere - 336

Dennis Wygmans - 189


Kevin Gibbs - 196

Peter Newton - 355

High Baliff:

Charles Clark - 475

ACSD Community Dialogues

To Discuss the Addison Central School District’s Facilities Master Plan.


There are three opportunities to add your voice to the discussions.

NOV 3rd 10 a.m. at the MU High School

NOV 13 at 6:30 P.M. at the MU Middle School

NOV 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the MU Middle School

BRIDGE is Open!

The new bridge on Crown Point Road near the Sunderland Farm is OPEN!  The construction was completed over a week ahead of schedule.  Enjoy our strong and safe new bridge this Labor Day weekend.  Thank you to all who were patient during construction and to the members of the construction crew!


3 trees planted on Town Green

3 maple trees were planted today on the Town Green. The 5 stumps remaining from last year are scheduled to be ground out shortly. The new flagpole and Bridport sign that were installed last summer look great. The Masonic/Community Hall, the Hearse House and the Town Highway Department salt shed are scheduled to be repainted this summer.

Bridport is Greened Up and looking good!


3/7/2018 Representative Harvey Smith says...

This is a copy of the ways and means proposal that I presented at town meeting. If you post it on your town website just make it clear that this is a draft proposal and most likely it will change before it passes out of the house.

Rep. Harvey Smith

H.911 House Ways & Means Proposal
Changes to Personal Income Tax and Education Finance System
March 1, 2018

• Income Tax Changes
o Reduces state tax burden on Vermonters who are adversely impacted by the change in Federal Tax Law ($30 million returned to Vermonters)
o Lowers taxes for Vermonters:
• Lowers all income tax rates by 0.2% and collapses top two income tax brackets
• Creates a VT Standard Deduction, equal to $6,000 for single filers and $12,000 for married couples
• Creates a Vermont Personal Exemption equal to $4,150 per exemption
• Expands the Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit, from 32% of the Federal EITC to 35%
• Creates a 5% tax credit for the total amount of charitable contributions up to $10,000. Taxpayers who contribute up to $10,000 will be eligible for a $500 tax credit
o Provides tax relief to Vermonters receiving Social Security benefits
• Taxable Social Security benefits below $45,000 for single filers and below $60,000 for married filers will be 100% exempt from State income tax

• Education Finance System Changes
o Adds a School Income Tax Surcharge, built upon the reformed income tax system
• Rates are 0.1% of lowest bracket, 0.5% for middle brackets, and 1% on highest income brackets
• Raises approximately $59 million for education
o Uses the $59 million to reduce average homestead property tax rates (on both property and income) from projected FY19 rates (average reduction of $0.15)
o Cost containment: future tax rates will rise faster for all spenders
o Non-residential property tax rate: stays at current law = $1.591
o Homeowner rebate: split into two components: education and municipal
o Renter Rebate: maintained and transferred to GF
o Separates municipal and education tax bills
o GF transfer to EF repealed in a revenue neutral way
• Dedicates to the EF: 100% of sales tax and 25% of rooms and meals
• Transfers adult education, flexible pathways, community high school of VT, renter rebate to GF ($21.5 million)
o Repeals excess spending penalty
VT LEG #330907 v.1


3/7/2018 Town Meeting Day & Election Results

The 2018 Town Warning articles all passed.  The 2018 budget was approved. The result for the contested seat on the Town Select Board was; 127 - David Bronson vs. 91 - Bruce Stocker. It was a lively Town Meeting which included a Q&A by Harvey Smith, awards for Leonard Barrett and Earl Audet and a delicious lunch from Pratt's.  The Town Report was dedicated to H. Kent Wright III.