Bridport Town Wide Yard Sale

August 17 and 18 Bridport will have a TOWN WIDE YARD SALE.  There will be a map showing all the locations of homes involved in the sale - you can pick one up at the Town Offices.  The Bridport Grange has spaces available to rent if you want to sell some items. Call Deb at  758-2209 to reserve a spot.

Bridport involved in Middlebury Pop-Up

On Friday 8/23 there will be TWO Bridport artists showing their wares at the BUNDLE on Main Street in Middlebury. 

Petra will have hand-made goats milk soap on display.

Catherine of BRIDPORT HILL POTTERY will have her creations on display.

Stop in and see what Bridport women have created…

Paving/Road Work

The western section of Middle Road and part of Happy Valley Road have been ground-up and reclaimed in preparation for the AUGUST repaving.  The area in front of the Masonic/Community Hall will also be re-paved.

 Please be patient while we improve the roads in our Town.  Thank You.

Bridport Historical Society 2019 Events

Meetings at the Bridport Historical Society Building at 3187 VT Route 22A across from Tri-Town Water and Crown Point Road unless otherwise noted.

JULY 18th at 7 p.m.

Meeting and Program; The Wagner Farm

August 15th at 7 p.m.

Business Meeting only

September 15th at 1 p.m. POTLUCK LUNCH

Lunch, Program and Meeting at Bridport Masonic/Community Hall at 52 Crown Point Road.

Program is “The Underwater Archaeology of South Lake Champlain”

Business meeting to be held after program.

October 17th at 7 p.m.

Meeting and Program “Hotels and Inns of Bridport”

November 21 at 7 p.m.

Business meeting only

December 1st 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Holiday Open House

Don't Flush It!

The Green Mountain Water Environment Association has published a brochure about what NOT to flush or pour down your drains.


paper towels

disposable diapers

tampons & applicators

sanitary napkins



dryer lint

cleaning/disinfectant wipes

cigarette butts


dental floss



cotton balls

facial tissues

flush-able wipes

candy wrappers

NEVER POUR Fats, Oils or Grease into sink, toilet or storm drain!

Lemon Fair Insect information

LFICD Spring Field Report 2019

June 27, 2019

 Earlier this spring, thousands of migrating waterfowl staged on the flooded Lemon Fair river feeding on the first spring hatch of mosquito larvae. Not only does this feeding help with mosquito control but it provides these long distant migrants with food on their long journey to Canada. Extremely high water and sustained flooding from snow melt and frequent rains in April and May made it difficult to dip and evaluate the consistency of mosquitoes hatching throughout the valley. We chased new high-water lines and found no larval activity. When water levels receded to “mean” flood levels, larvae began to show up. Concentrations of larvae were isolated in pockets along the flood plain in places we expect to see them. And other expected sites were void of any larval activity. There were no new recognized sites.


Early June larval sampling continued and showed no new hatches. This early June sampling provided us with benchmark data for the next flood and potential hatch. This next potential hatch is important, because it may produce enough nuisance mosquitoes for aerial treatment. 

 Beginning on June 10, we began setting up Light Traps to identify adult mosquitoes.  Many of the adult species from the Light Traps were common in upland pools (saturated swales that puddle water), ditches and artificial containers.

 On June 20, we received our next flood event with 2.5” to 3” of rain which brought the Lemon Fair River significantly out of its banks. It usually takes a 4” rain event to do that. However, the soils were still saturated from the April and May flooding and there was no place for the water to go. Surprisingly, there has been little mosquito larvae. In fact, three large Lemon Fair River sites in Weybridge, Bridport and Cornwall yielded no new larval activity. As water levels continue to recede, we are witnessing dead larvae on blades of grass in the receding water line. So far, there has been no need to conduct an aerial treatment. We will continue to be vigilant in observing conditions and at the very least perform hand treatments if necessary.

 In the meantime, protect yourself from mosquitoes and ticks by using insect repellent wisely, avoid being outside at dusk and dawn when certain mosquitoes are most active. Check the screens in your house to make sure there are no holes or gaps. Don’t leave containers on your property to collect water, i.e.: buckets, tarps, clogged gutters, wheelbarrows, flowerpots with water catchers under them. Empty and clean bird baths twice a week. Walk around your property and look for anything that collects and puddles water and remove it if possible or drain frequently.


Have a safe and enjoyable Summer. And note that the Lemon Fair Insect Control District will be holding its annual Open House at their lab/office in Weybridge behind the Congregational Church, Saturday, July 27 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Check out our web page, .

 If you are experiencing mosquito “distress” (you not the mosquitoes), please call our hotline at 802-349-5407.

 Regards, Craig Zondag ~ LFICD Field Coordinator/Biologist

Memorial Day parade in Middlebury

Bridport residents were involved in the Memorial Day celebration in Middlebury. Town Line First Responders, our antique fire truck, Miss Teen Vermont in our tax collector’s red Mustang, the Zoning Administrator and local students; Scouts, FFA, hockey, musicians and more all marched in the parade.  Thank you all for joining the celebration!  

Dog Licenses

All dogs in Bridport must be registered.  Bring a copy of current rabies vaccination and come to the town offices.  Deadline was April 1st, but we are happy to register your dog any time of the year.

Green Up Day - results

  Bridport residents took part in Green Up 2019. We collected over half a ton of waste and debris including 27 tires.  Thanks to all who helped and gave our town a good Spring cleaning!

201905 Green Up Day.jpg

Green Up Day 2019

Thanks to the Bridport Road Crew for supplying the trucks.

Town Line First Response meetings

The Town Line First Response team meets upstairs above the Town Clerk's Office/ Bridport Fire Department at 82 Crown Point Road in Bridport. 

Meetings are held on the First and Third Tuesdays at 7 p.m.  There is always a need for more volunteers for this critical and sometimes lifesaving work

Call Jessica Torrey 802-349-7212 for information or questions.

Results of Town Meeting

Approximately 65 people attended the annual Bridport Town Meeting on March 5th. All articles were approved as written, except for article 21 and article 32. Those two articles were amended. For article 21 the amount for Middlebury Regional EMS was raised to $3500.00. For article 32 the amount was raised to include $30,00.00 for additional salt plus the $455.00 raised for Middlebury EMS from article 21.

All uncontested positions were filled by the incumbents. Town Agent did not receive sufficient votes and has not been filled.

Representative Harvey Smith read a dedication to Thomas Howlett and answered questions from the floor. State Senators Ruth Hardy and Christopher Bray also spoke and answered questions. It was a lively and informative meeting followed by a ‘Pratt’s’ lunch.