3/7/2018 Representative Harvey Smith says...

This is a copy of the ways and means proposal that I presented at town meeting. If you post it on your town website just make it clear that this is a draft proposal and most likely it will change before it passes out of the house.

Rep. Harvey Smith

H.911 House Ways & Means Proposal
Changes to Personal Income Tax and Education Finance System
March 1, 2018

• Income Tax Changes
o Reduces state tax burden on Vermonters who are adversely impacted by the change in Federal Tax Law ($30 million returned to Vermonters)
o Lowers taxes for Vermonters:
• Lowers all income tax rates by 0.2% and collapses top two income tax brackets
• Creates a VT Standard Deduction, equal to $6,000 for single filers and $12,000 for married couples
• Creates a Vermont Personal Exemption equal to $4,150 per exemption
• Expands the Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit, from 32% of the Federal EITC to 35%
• Creates a 5% tax credit for the total amount of charitable contributions up to $10,000. Taxpayers who contribute up to $10,000 will be eligible for a $500 tax credit
o Provides tax relief to Vermonters receiving Social Security benefits
• Taxable Social Security benefits below $45,000 for single filers and below $60,000 for married filers will be 100% exempt from State income tax

• Education Finance System Changes
o Adds a School Income Tax Surcharge, built upon the reformed income tax system
• Rates are 0.1% of lowest bracket, 0.5% for middle brackets, and 1% on highest income brackets
• Raises approximately $59 million for education
o Uses the $59 million to reduce average homestead property tax rates (on both property and income) from projected FY19 rates (average reduction of $0.15)
o Cost containment: future tax rates will rise faster for all spenders
o Non-residential property tax rate: stays at current law = $1.591
o Homeowner rebate: split into two components: education and municipal
o Renter Rebate: maintained and transferred to GF
o Separates municipal and education tax bills
o GF transfer to EF repealed in a revenue neutral way
• Dedicates to the EF: 100% of sales tax and 25% of rooms and meals
• Transfers adult education, flexible pathways, community high school of VT, renter rebate to GF ($21.5 million)
o Repeals excess spending penalty
VT LEG #330907 v.1